Village Elementary School

Safe Search Engines
Searching the web safely and finding information at the right reading level is always a challenge.  Below are a list of a few search engines for children.
You can't believe everything you read on the Internet!!!

Below is a picture posted on the Internet that shows two planes that look like they are going to crash but they are actually hundreds of yards away. The camera angle makes them look much closer than they really are!


 How do I know if something is true or accurate?
  • Look at the date the web site was last updated.  If it hasn't been updated for months or years, it's probably not a good source
  • Look for information about the author of the web site.  Search for information about the author to see if he/she is an "expert"
  • Use trusted search engines like the ones below
  • Make sure you find the same facts on different web sites.  If you get different answers, one or more of your sources are wrong

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