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The mission of Montgomery High School's Business / Technology Department is to prepare our students for life in the 21st Century global economy.   It is absolutely essential that Montgomery's students, regardless of what career they choose to pursue, are knowledgable about basic business principles and how they impact their daily lives.  Furthermore, the business/technology department believes that the ultimate purpose of using technology is to not only promote student achievement of the cumulative progress indicators set forth by the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards but to also allow our students to differentiate themselves in this very competitive global economy. Our focus is on promoting anytime, anywhere learning that will allow every student to utilize technology as a learning tool. We believe that in order for students to fully utilize technology for learning, students must have constant access to technology in a one-to-one model.   The goals and objectives stated here are designed to improve teaching and learning in order to enable every student to achieve in an ever changing technological world.


As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.

~ Bill Gates

 Department Members:
Business/Computer Science:
   Derrin Cardia   x6842
   Karen Cohen         x6826
   Teena Jessu             x6917
Technology Education:
   Nicholas Mylowe     x6888
   Tim Leicht               x6867
Communication Technology-Television Production:
   Jeff Brooks              x6815
   Peter Mueller       x6886
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Last Modified on May 3, 2016
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