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5th Grade Open House

LMS Open House
5th Grade
Wednesday, March 29th
8:25am to 10:20am
The LMS staff would like to invite all parents of our 5th grade students to join us for class from 8:25am to 10:25am on Wednesday, March 29th.
Parents will have the opportunity to observe their children's classroom in one Academic Class and one Related Arts Class (Cycle, PE, Music, Spanish/Communications, Academic Support).
If you plan on joining us please RSVP to your child's homeroom teacher via e-mail.
When parents arrive they will be asked to sign-in at the front office.  Mr. Richards will welcome all parents in the cafeteria starting at 8:25am and will release parents to their first class, Related Arts classes, at 8:30am.  Our students and visiting parents will move to their Academic Class / Homeroom at 9:28am.  Parent visitation will end at 10:20.
We respectfully ask that all cell phones are turned off and that no pictures be taken during your visit. 
** March 29th is a "B" day so be sure you check with your child what related arts class they have on that day and the room number of their homeroom.  Of course we will ask parents to visit only the classes where their child is in attendance.  There will be chairs outside each classroom for parents to bring into the classroom during their visit. 
Hope to see you there!
Mr. Richards 

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