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The "Jessie" Project - 1st Annual Photo Contest - 'Your Found Sculpture'


In anticipation of "The Jessie Project", and in celebration of Youth Art Month, I am inviting you to come and join our entire LMS student body and participate in the 1st Annual Photo Contest - 'Your Found Sculpture'.

Your assignment is to go hunting for a piece of sculpture that speaks to you in some way, take a picture of just the sculpture, and then take another picture of you interacting with the same sculpture.  I have invited you to a 'whole school' Google Classroom (Google Classroom CODE: "jdujxa"), and the link below's Google slide show that you will need in order to upload your photo entries as well as other necessary information:


Good luck and good hunting!  I have added some examples of statues around town that I have 'captured' on my camera/phone over the last few days. Once you start to look they seem to be everywhere! I so hope you decide to join in the search!


Mr. Mike Richards

PS: As of Thursday 3/9, over 125 students have already signed up - don't miss out! 

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